I don't know about you, but I am so here for Justin and Selena's third or fourth (maybe, like seventh) shot at making it work. The Weeknd is like, the go-to for sexy serenading love songs, so you'd think he'd be a steamy boyfriend. But his relationship with Selena paled in comparison to the fuego passion that bound Jelena together. And let's not act like he was okay with Justin and Selena hanging out as friends when they were dating. He got cucked big time, and for understandable reasons because yeah, Justin Bieber has terrible tattoos, has been plagued by legal drama, has demonstrated poor decorum, has time and again been a shitty person and overall human being, but have you heard "Sorry" or "Cold Water"? Have you seen his pelvic thrusts on stage? Do you have two eyes and a libido? Of course Selena would come crawling back. Is it gonna work out? Uh...well...let's take a look at celeb couples who broke up and got back together in order to provide some false hope for all of us.

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