Could this be the worst uncoupling since Gwyneth and Chris? Legions of screaming housewives the world over seem to think so. By now it's hardly news that Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt, citing the ever disposable "irreconcilable differences." While TMZ reports that the split is due to Jolie's disapproval of Pitt's parenting methods (what, like buying his son a motorcycle for his 11th birthday?), Page Six claims that a hired private eye uncovered a saucy affair between the actor and his latest leading lady, Marion Cotillard. While these rumors are coming in fast and furious at this point, there may actually be some truth in them, considering the terms of their prenup. Jolie has apparently requested sole physical and legal custody of their six children and asked that a judge only grant Pitt visitation rights, corresponding with their prenup which states that she would get custody if he left her for another woman. Drama! Well now that the kids are sorted out, how will they be divvying up the rest of their assets, which when combined, total about $400 million? 

[Photo via Twitter]