Of all the celebrities whispered about in blind items and "anon pls" DMs, I think the last person any of us would have expected to be a full-on Regina George is Chrissy Teigen. After all, she's goofy, she's relatable, she's been known to leave generous tips, and, hello, she's married to John Legend. How can anyone with his voice and/or face be married to a certified Mean Girl™? 

But alas, Teigen's internet chickens have come home to roost before the model-slash-foodie could turn them into her next Cravings recipe. And while the Tweet-happy A-lister has had her fair share of "main character" moments on the timeline, this latest saga, which points to shocking instances of cyberbullying (and then some) has even the most dedicated Chrissy fans struggling to defend her.

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[Photo via @chrissyteigen]