Fresh Out Of The Psych Ward, Gucci Mane Gets Some New Face Ink

by Emily Green · January 13, 2011

    Gucci ManeNurse Ratched must've worked her magic because in celebration of having just been released from his court-ordered stay in a mental institution, Gucci Mane hit up the tat shop in Atlanta yesterday for some new ink of a three-scoop ice cream cone on his FACE. Talk about a walking holiday, this guy is like Cinco de Mayo on wheels. But I guess the day you wake up and decide to get a frozen dessert emitting lightening bolts (you see that, right?) tattooed on your face is just kismet when you've voluntarily chosen to go by "Gucci Mane." I mean, it's limiting, you know?

    Gucci Mane coverAnd that's the REAL story here today, the name choice: the rapper's given, legal name is Radric Davis. Although it sounds like the made-up name of a music star or band, RADRIC is actually his real name. With that, his parents basically did all the work for him in becoming a marketable artist and all he really had to do was show up to the game.

    Instead, Radric opted for the path of most resistance and decided the world would know him as rapper Gucci Mane. His tongue already naturally always pokes out just a tiny bit, like a Yorkie, so this decision was emblematic of what was to come; a psych ward stint and ice cream cone face tattoo were pretty much preordained. And you know what? We say ride that train; do YOU. Fight the man.

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