Are You Ready For Justin Bieber's URL Shortener? Baby, Baby, Baby

by Sun Kersor · January 13, 2011

    Just when you thought Justin Bieber could not extend his reign of influence any more, the Canadian popstar brandishes his very own URL shortener. How big is his, ahem, Tinyurl going to be? will allow users to shorten a web url address to facilitate sharing over such social media platforms as Twitter that limit character count.

    Whereas and Tinyurl offer mundane truncations, the Biebs's platform has the comparative advantage of delivering you the link graphically through the image of his open mouth. A mellifluous song of url harmony. For example for GofG Biebified is

    But caveat emptor.

    As Metro notes, "concern has been expressed about the reliance of many web services on the .ly domain assigned to Libya. Some have suggested that Libya could start cracking down on website that use its domains."

    [Image via Why Fame]