Real Housewives Of New Jersey Film At The Plaza. New Cast Member Spotted?

by Mara Siegler · January 11, 2011

    Caroline Manzo

    The ladies of the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" got out of the Garden State last night for dinner at the Oak Room. Cameras were in tow, but the women shockingly behaved themselves, managing to avoid the contractual crazy-as-shit behavior of screaming, table flipping, and pulling out other people's hair extensions. But there was something for onlookers to chatter about besides their bubbies and how much they are going to miss Danielle Staub...

    The newest cast member may have been with them.  Kristina Marino of Downtown Diaries, who was on the scene to watch Alexa Ray Joel perform the last night in her residency at the Supper Club, Tweeted: "There may or maynot be a new cast mate here" followed by, "Its just the Manzo clan, Jacqueline and hubs and new couple."

    The latest reports had claimed Melissa Gorga, who happens to be Teresa Giudice’s sister-in-law, would be the newest lady under Andy Cohen's iron, don't be tardy to the party rule, though the official web site has no news and has not added her bio. Wonder if it was actually Gorga?