Have Casual Sex With Kesha Condoms

by Emily Green · March 8, 2011

    We're not saying she doesn't practice safe sex, it's just that aligning a condom brand with Ke$ha is kind of like having Charlie Sheen be the spokesman for Vitamin World. But in this new disturbing dimension of WTF, LifeStyles has literally made her the face of safe sex, striking a deal with the pop star whose career is predicated upon reckless benders to distribute 10,000 condoms bearing her likeness on the wrappers to fans at her upcoming concerts. So congrats: you have lived to see the day of limited edition Kesha condoms. [Photo via]

    KeshaWrapped in her image so you never forget it came from someone with a dollar sign in her name, the juncture at which you find yourself considering using a rubber the less talented female version of Kid Rock personally gave you has to be a very dark place.  And although this approach to the noble cause of promoting safe sex might be our clearest sign yet the Mayans we correct about 2012, when it comes to celebrity endorsements, I actually really appreciate this one because it could have been a lot worse. [Photo via]

    And by that, I mean a Kesha fragrance line. I just don't think the world is ready for eau de shrimp in a diaper (her words, not ours) so the condom deal was actually an act of mercy. A nice gesture even. Plus, a Kesha condom is not nearly as offensive as some celebrity perfumes from the sick, depraved fragrance industry. No really, let's just take a second and thank it for not going there, because we saw what it was capable of when only weeks ago we got the unthinkable known as Unbreakable: A Unisex Fragrance by Khloe and Lamar. Truly horrifying. But in case you need a reminder, here's what that looked like: