If You Have Your Wedding In Malibu And Play His Music Loud Enough, Justin Bieber Might Just Crash It

by Alex Gilman · July 18, 2011

    There are several ways to meet Justin Bieber, if you're so inclined. You could hang outside the Onesie store and wait for him to buy his next pair of grown-up pajamas. You could figure out where in WeHo the most fashionable lesbians go to get their hair cut. Or, if those options fail, you can simply hold an extravagant Malibu beach wedding, blast his music over the sound system, and then all you have to do is wait for Biebs and Selena Gomez to wander on in!

    At least, that's what happened yesterday, when Rob and Jeanine McCool got married at the fancy-pants Adamson House. Apparently, Bieber and Selena were just cruising around Malibu, bumping E-40 in Biebs' moms' Subaru Legacy (note: those details are unconfirmed), when the sweet sounds of Justin's own hit single "One Less Lonely Girl" came blaring off the beach. Like any functioning narcissist, Justin headed straight for the sound of his own voice, where he karaoke'd his own song along with the wedding guests, posed for photos, and generally thrilled the crowd, which can only mean that this wedding was mostly attended by tweens? Watch the magic unfold in this video:

    Realistically speaking, this is a cool move on the part of The Biebs, who might be my favorite pop star whose actual music I can't stand (step aside once again, Marc Anthony!). We need more celebs like J-Bo, who actually interacts with his fans instead of ignoring and/or assaulting them, and you can't tell me whatever you did on this anticlimactic Carmageddon weekend wouldn't have been a little more special with a dose of Vitamin Biebs. Hell, I think I'm going to go prop a cardboard box up in my backyard, bait it with some hair gel and a boombox playing "Baby," and see if I can catch a Disney pop star of my own. If it works, drinks are on me tonight!

    [photo via, video via YouTube]