You're bound to see more celebrities at the Staples Center than almost anywhere else in L.A., and these days you get to see them in one of their most vulnerable states: watching the Lakers play ugly. Although the Lakers may be shamelessly flushing the season down the toilet not be up to par this season with their 12-14 record despite acquiring Steve Nash and Superman himself Dwight Howard, the stars are still out supporting the purple and gold in hopes of a victory, even if just by squeaking one point over the Charlotte Bobcats (again, the Bobcats!). In the months of November and December we've seen David Beckham, Ashton Kutcher, Will Ferrell and more on the floor to witness it all—good, adequate, but mostly inferior—unfold on the court. Check out our slideshow for a collection of their many emotions you too may be experiencing as you watch the Lakers this season.