When you're a just-about-billionaire turning 21 years old, one can only imagine the kind of shindig that will be thrown in your honor. Tack on the fact that you're a member of the Kardashian dynasty, and yeah, shit's gonna be glam. Kylie Jenner, joined of course by her gaggle of sisters and famous friends, shut down West Hollywood hot spot Delilah last night in celebration of her milestone birthday.

As one might expect, the beauty tycoon's outfit did not disappoint, rocking two hot pink looks throughout the course of the evening - the second being a bike shorts ensemble with 70,000 Swarovski crystals - paired with sleek slicked back hair. Ever the epic party-throwing family, Kylie's fete featured a huge pink ball pit, personalized Solo Cups, a true Kardashian party classic - a photo booth, a goodie bag you'd give your right hand for, a custom Barbie cake, and even a family mural - because really, even when you're at one of their parties, who can get enough of them?

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