Kim & Kanye Expecting Baby Number Four!?

by Millie Moore · January 2, 2019

    Leave it to Kim and Kanye to be the first ones to make an epic headline, like, two days into 2019. Why's that? According to sources, they're expecting a fourth baby!

    As you all know (or should know), Kim and Kanye are already parents to three other children. This baby will join Khloé, Kylie, and Kourtney's little condom accidents. (Actually, let's not call them condom accidents because Khloé's baby was probably planned and Kourtney and Kylie definitely don't use protection. So, let's call them "happy little accidents" instead.) If you need the full rundown of the mini Karjenners, check out this totally inappropriate list of ranked small children who never asked to be scrutinized by the public. 

    This fourth baby will reportedly be carried by a surrogate like Kimye's third child, Chicago, was. Kim has been open about wanting a fourth child for a while, and we're sure she's just as excited for it as she is for her new $14 million abode in Miami. You just can't tell how excited she is because of how much Botox she's injected into her face. 

    Also, let's talk about the fact that Kanye announced Kim was pregnant with North at a concert on December 30th, 2012. First off, that's my birthday and probably the best birthday gift I have ever received because this family is not only half my paycheck, but they're also what I live and breathe for. Second, if this fourth pregnancy was announced three days after Kim's pregnancy with North, doesn't that mean that this baby could very well share the same birthday as North? Reign was born on Mason's birthday, and honestly, it's not a fun coincidence because Reign is now obviously Scott and Kourtney's favorite kid and so they totally forget Mason's birthday every year. Imagine North sharing a birthday with her younger sibling. That would piss her off so much, and I love it already!

    In any case, congrats to the Wests. We cannot wait for the baby name.

    [Photo via @kimkardashian]