Kylie Jenner's Birth Announcement Outshines The Super Bowl

by Raya O'Neal · February 4, 2018

    Leave it to Kylie to overshadow the freakin' SUPER BOWL. On Sunday, Kylie Jenner released a statement on her Instagram announcing the birth of her baby on February 1st and apologizing for hiding her pregnancy from her fans because "I knew my baby would feel every stress every I chose to do this way for my little life and our happiness."

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    There is still no word on a baby name but we do know it's a girl! We will probably find out her name with the launch of a new lip kit. However, there is a cute video that gives us a little look into what Kylie's pregnancy life was like including a lot of intimate moments with boyfriend Travis Scott and moments with family.

    We even get to see our first glimpse of Kim and Kanye's newest edition, Chicago, as Kylie holds her with Dream in the background. Our favorite moment, though, has got to be Kylie and Khloe rubbing their bellies together. We're not crying, you're crying.