A Horace Mann alum who went on to study at John Hopkins (basically fulfilling the Westchester formula), Scott Rogowsky hasn't exactly come out of nowhere. Though it may feel like it considering this HQutie's face has been blowing up just about everyone's phones two times a day for the past few months. 

Besides being quirky and reading questions, the 33-year-old has been hosting a regular live late-night talk show around New York called Running Late since 2011. A semi-serious show for fully-funny people which has seen him interview everyone from Jon Hamm and Weird Al, to Amy Sedaris and Jim Gaffigan, you can grab tickets now for his upcoming show on March 12th with - of all people - Dan Rather and Michael Ian Black. 

Joined onstage by his IRL dad / sidekick (read: adorable), this single guy has just recently made the move from his parent's home in Westchester (read: potential red flag) to the West Village (read: better).

And now, some photos of Scott being adorable.