Lady Gaga Models YSL Fall 2011 At Chateau Marmont

by Emily Green · August 2, 2011

    Lady Gaga [via]

    You were probably better off if you avoided Hollywood last Wednesday and Thursday which saw an above average influx of lunatics in the form of rioting ravers and Lady Gaga fans (I think the preferred nomenclature is 'little monsters'?). In keeping with her schtick, she made the requisite fashion statement each time she stepped out of Chateau Marmont where she was holed up during her L.A. stay.

    But much to our surprise, rather than a forced attempt at freakshow that involved say, raw animal flesh, spiked thongs and dinosaur eggs, she and opted for high fashion, meant for earthlings. Making her way down the iconic hotel's driveway that has seen its fair share of exquisite hot messes [See: 10 Signs A Needs To Call It A Night At Chateau Marmont], Gaga donned a hot-off-the-runway look from the Yves Saint Laurent fall 2011 collection. Tres chic. I'm into this:

    YSL Fall 2011 Ready-To-Wear runway [via], Lady Gaga [via]

    Perhaps she should consider dressing less to offend (honey, we get it, I promise no one is surprised or affected by your weird outfits anymore because it's tired and expected, mmkay?) and dress more for fashion. Plus, isn't it exhausting coming up with a new way to look like an attention-starved jackass in costumes every day?