Where's Waldo Pops Up At The MTV Movie Awards

by guestofaguest · June 7, 2010

    Amid the cast of characters who made appearances and smiled for the cameras at MTV's Movie Awards last night, one, who's known for blending into the crowd suddenly wanted all the attention.  Where's Waldo somehow scored an invite to the hot ticket of the night and took the opportunity to shamelessly fame whore all over the red carpet. This time no one had any trouble finding Waldo; in fact, he found them.  Look at him horning in on celebs' photos, trying to steal the spotlight.

    Some, like Whitney Port, were gracious about the whole thing and welcomed Waldo into their photo ops, while others like Miranda Cosgrove made feeble attempts at veiling their annoyance. And then there were those like Katy Perry who were simply oblivious to the stripe-donning character lurking in the background behind them. Smooth, Waldo...

    Miranda CosgroveDavid Spade Miranda Cosgrove, David Spade

    Katy Perry Katy Perry

    [All photos by Brian To for Classic Media]