Memorable Moments from the MTV Movie Awards

by guestofaguest · June 7, 2010

    Although a majority of the show was bleeped out due to excessive use of four-letter words, we must say the MTV Movie Awards surprisingly impressed us this year. The performances were entertaining, the presenters funny, and the Team Jacob vs. Team Edward theme only became a tad annoying. Here are some of the highlights you missed if you didn't tune in.

    Tom Cruise's performance last night as Tropic Thunder's obnoxiously entertaining producer, Les Grossman, may have been the most sane thing he has done in years. We must say, we were impressed with his booty-shaking dance moves alongside J-Lo, and think this hilariously wacky appearance may have redeemed the Cruise family for a while. It's probably no coincidence that Tom's new film Knight and Day is out in theatres in a few short weeks. But it's OK, we'd gladly watch Tom Cruise promote his films by dancing to J.Lo's "Get Right" than jumping on Oprah's couch any day of the week.

    Betty White also impressed us, as expected, as she, Bradley Cooper, and Scarlett Johansson hilariously presented Sandra Bullock with the Generation Award. A radiant Bullock graciously accepted this award and took the acceptance speech as an opportunity to clear up tabloid rumors stating "I love what I do" and "I'm not going anywhere."

    The Twilight cast raked in the awards last night for New Moon for Best Kiss, Best female performance for Kristen Stewart and male performance for Robert Pattinson, and Best Movie. We personally think some of these results were rigged, but really we can't complain because the more camera time for Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner the better.

    photos via HuffPo