BREAKING: GofG L.A. Has An Extra VIP Coachella Ticket!

by guestofaguest · April 14, 2011

    ATTENTION LAST MINUTE CHARLIES: A stray VIP Coachella ticket has just landed in our lap and is looking for a new owner. Help us find it a home where it will be loved and utilized to the fullest this weekend. If you or someone you know is still in need of this highly coveted VIP ticket to a weekend of music, debauchery and fake hippies everywhere, GET AT US, STAT! Keep reading to find out how to become the proud owner of this VIP Coachella ticket.

    We need to find this little guy an owner. If you still need to buy a VIP Coachella, look no further. Here's how you can have the chance to get this one: if you aren't already, start following us on Twitter at @GofGLA. Once you're a @GofGLA follower just tweet "@gofgLA take me to Coachella VIP". We will Direct Message you on Twitter with the next steps to making this VIP ticket yours so make sure you stay on top of that Twitter tip and look out for our message. Ready... set.... GO!!!!!!!!

    If you need our help getting your Coachella tickets off your hands and to a buyer, let us know, we're happy to help. Just drop us a line at