Coachella 2010 Fashion: Take Cues From Olivia Newton John, Homeless & Mama Cass

by Emily Green · April 16, 2010

    As we mentioned, many see fashion as a major component to the Coachella experience, and you will undoubtedly see lots and lots of festers making statements with their outfits. If ever there was a time to experiment with fashion or try out a new look, Coachella is it. So go be weird and strut your stuff in that thing you've been too scared to wear out of the house.  But if you need some guidance or are just curious as to what to expect, these are some of the trends you'll see there. Consider this your cheat sheet to what's 'in' for music fest gear. [photo via thecobrasnake]

    Hippie Headbands

    [photos via huffington post, elle and thecobrasnake]


    Floral Prints

    [Photos via elle and ellegirl]


    Anything a Homeless Person Would Wear

    [photos via thecobrasnake]


    Anything Mama Cass, Or Any Member Of The Mamas And The Papas For That Matter, Would Wear

    [photos via, elle, and thecobrasnake]


    American Apparel Jazzercise Spandex a la Olivia Newton John

    [photos via thecobrasnake and laweekly]