Coachella Fashion Trends: The Mank Is Everywhere

by guestofaguest · April 20, 2011

    Go HERE, HERE, and HERE for more photos from Coachella weekend and tag yourself and your friends!

    Ah, Coachella. The things you make us relatively sane individuals do. Especially when it comes to desert fashion. In case you have never seen a single photograph from the weekend festival, Coachella compels males to don a certain article of clothing they otherwise (and by the grace of God) wouldn't dare wear in public.  We're talking about manks, male/man tank tops. For some reason manks are not only a completely socially acceptable garment for the duration of the weekend but also the preferred choice.

    Sweltering heat could justify in part, but the volume and overabundance of Coachella weekend's ubiquitous mank is an inexplicable phenomenon. And here's the strangest part: we (ladies) don't even mind them. In real life, AKA every other day of the year BUT Coachella weekend, manks are generally frowned upon, and even deal breakers. Despite the fact that we know this going in, we still go on our "Coachella Diets" and forgo late night McNugget runs to make ourselves look good for all of you weekend mank offenders. You do realize they only accentuate and draw attention to your feral pit hair, right?

    But you know what? It's okay. We don't hold it against you, you get a free mank-wearing pass for the weekend. Get down with your mank-wearing self all you want at Coachella, just know that under any other circumstances it's just not acceptable. So, until next year, let's work together to promote a mank-free America.