Coachella Now Comes With A Marijuana Oasis

by Millie Moore · April 5, 2017

    A child in a candy store is not that different from a wild child at Coachella. But instead of consuming copious amounts of candy, they're devouring....well, they are devouring candy, but it's weed infused. Weed infused candy amid other drugs. But did you know festivals like Coachella actually don't permit drug use on the premises? What do they expect us to do there, listen to the music? 

    Fortunately they have stoners covered this year. Coachella is setting up a "stoner haven" for those attendees who want to smoke weed with immunity. WeedMaps, an app that touts itself as the "Yelp for weed dispensaries" (hopefully without the lame reviewers who have no lives), is pairing up with the festival to offer attendees a VIP experience for potheads. Situated six miles from the festivities, this "marijuana oasis" will feature five geodesic domes, each providing a unique experience for ingesting dank, such as vaping, edibles, and smoking. The weed will be provided by noteworthy Cali weed dispensaries so festival goers don't have to go about buying their own. 

    This is pretty chill for Coachella to do, but did you know they're also in the midst of legal drama? Nope, not just the whole Free People fiasco, they're also suing a weed dispensary, Lowell Farms, for creating their own Coachella strain without the festival's consent. They even gave notice to Lowell Farms to stop using the Coachella hashtag on social media for self-promotion. 

    Sigh. Shame on you, Coachella. Just when we thought you might become cool again, you prove to be a little less hippie and a little more hall monitor. What gives? Maybe we'll just hit up Fyre Fest instead.

    [Photo via @coachella]