Weekend 2 Peoples! Your Complete Coachella Desert Heat Style Guide

by Emily Green · April 20, 2012

    Happy Coachella Day 2012 numero dos! Weekend 1 saw chilly crap weather no one was mentally or emotionally prepared for no matter how well they packed according to the forecast. Me? I chose to ignore weather reports and had to resort to buying a pair of $10 Wal-Mart jeggings from the childrens department since I didn't pack a single pair of pants because I'm such an idiot. Child size elastic waistband jeans aside, looking chic in cold, damp desert weather in general is challenge.

    But au contraire for Weekend 2 which is going to be the mother of scorchers with highs so hot Accuweather busted out some really fun adjectives like "blazing" and "sizzling" to describe it:

    Needless to say our last minute Rainy Coachella style guide is of no use to Weekend 2 goers, but we do have plenty of fashion tips for the traditional Coachella weekend weather that to ensure you hit the festival, pool parties and all other related festivities you may find yourself this weekend in style (See The GofG L.A. Coachella 2012 Weekend Two Party Guide for where to get crunk-chella). Whether you're all about rocking neon or a boho flower child type, see these guides to the items meant to inspire and help achieve whatever Coachella weekend look you're going for:

    Coachella Style Guide: Complete Weekend Looks For Whatever You're Vibing

    Coachella Weekend Style Guide, Pool Party Edition

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