Your Rain-Or-Shine Complete Coachella Fashion Guide

by Alex Gilman · April 13, 2012

    There's a certain amount of unpredictability inherent to the perfect Coachella trip. Sure, you'd rather take a bullet than miss the Pulp show, but you always want to leave yourself the flexibility to pop away for a quick poolside rager, a ride in the Ferris wheel, or a retreat to a secret off-campus show. Luckily, there's a look for every situation and every style (and every weather condition!), and our own Emily and Dena have painstakingly assembled a series of posts outlining them all. Check it out no matter what your plan is.

    Click Here for "Coachella Style Guide: Complete Looks For Whatever You're Vibing"

    Click Here for "Cochella Weekend Style Guide, Pool Party Edition"

    Click Here for "Don't Panic, Here's Our Style Guide For A Rainy Coachella"

    Stay fashionable out there!