Daily Style Phile: Petra Ecclestone, Buyer Of Beverly Hills' "Manor", Most Expensive Home In The U.S.

by Emily Green · June 14, 2011

    Some have called her the U.K.'s answer to Paris Hilton but since she's hotter, younger, richer, and isn't known for having sex tapes with world-class douchebags, that's not really a fair estimation. She also has better style, has never gotten a DUI or been busted with bindles of cocaine, and is not the same shoe size as Kobe Bryant. But she is blonde, leggy, and as heiress to the Formula 1 racing fortune, describing her upbringing as "privileged" would be a gross understatement, so they do have that in common. And since she hasn't gotten the hint yet, maybe the British beauty's move to town might be Paris Hilton's cue to go away, forever, as her billionaire father is buying her "The Manor", the highest-priced home in the country put on the market for $150 million by Candy Spelling. Beverly Hills, please meet your soon-to-be neighbor with the biggest house on the block, Petra Ecclestone. [Photo via]

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    [Aerial shot of The Manor via] Standing about 5'8" with a bangin' body that once landed her a gig as an Armani model, Petra Ecclestone is a member of the Lucky Sperm Club in more than one sense. On top of her stunning good looks, the 22-year-old daughter of Formula 1 magnate Bernie Ecclestone is about to be the proud new owner of the Spelling manse in Beverly Hills.

    Purchasing the compound for an undisclosed price, the 57,000-square-foot megahouse was put on the market in 2009 for $150 million, making it the most expensive piece of residential real estate in the U.S. Why she needs 123-room home with a flower-cutting room, bowling alley, and parking garage for 100 cars, I'm not sure. I also haven't the vaguest idea why anyone would need an entire room designated for "gift-wrapping", let alone several, but I'm just a simpleton. And I'm dying to know what she's going to use Candy's bone-chillingly creepy doll museum for after they perform the necessary smudging purification ritual.

    Although housing something like 14 bedrooms, the Beverly Hills estate is only intended for Petra her fiance (excluding staff, of course) who will presumably share one together. According to her camp, Petra will split her time between her London home and The Manor after her planned August wedding. In March, her businessman boyfriend of four years, James Stunt, proposed. Here they are just a few weeks ago in Monaco:

    James Stunt, Petra Ecclestone [Photo via]

    Extravagant Life

    Has a $91 millon home in Chelsea, London for her five dogs. She once explained, "I need a garden for them and there aren’t many properties in Chelsea or Belgravia with a private garden. Mum took me round to look at it and I fell in love."

    Her Chelsea home boasts an impressive art collection, including 8ft-tall photo prints of old movie stars and works by artists like Banksy and Tracy Emin.

    Owns at least seven Rolex watches each worth an average of almost $33,000.

    Has 10 Hermes Birkin handbags worth upwards of $65,000 (for the exotic skins).

    Public Image

    In November of 2009, she tried to sue The Daily Telegraph for libel, printing a quote, her alleged reaction to Paul McCartney's proposal for meat-free Mondays, amid the launch of her leather fashion line: "I am not a veggie and I don't have much time for people like the McCartneys and Annie Lennox." The high court dismissed the suit because the judge did not believe the news item to be detrimental enough to "right-thinking members of society's" regard for her.


    Once modeled for Armani.

    Launched menswear line, Form, with sister Tamara Ecclestone and Princess Beatrice which folded after only two years last spring.

    A one-time sufferer of viral meningitis, she has taken up the cause and is currently an ambassador for the Meningitis Trust.


    Often wears short, body-skimming dresses which she pairs with voluminous furs in winter.

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    Once said her favorite item in her closet was her mother's purple Birkin.

    On who her style icons are, she explained, "Steve McQueen for his laid-back look. He doesn't try too hard, but looks glamorous and rugged. I love Brigitte Bardot's big blonde hair and eye liner. She's sexy without trying."

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