Daily Style Phile: Tavi Gevinson

by guestofaguest · July 16, 2010

    [Photo via] Meet Tavi Gevinson. She's Rodarte's newest fashion consultant. She recently styled a fall fashion shoot for Blackbook Magazine. Commes ses Garçons flew her to Japan as their guest of honor for their annual party and she's also the fashion house's muse. She'll be sitting front row (or close enough) for all the biggest shows at L.A. Fashion Week. And she's 14... wait, what??

    - Tavi Gevinson[Photo via] Yeah, 14, as in middle school. As in only recently been able to attend PG-13 movies sans mom and dad. It all started at the tender age of 11.  While most kids her age were reading Harry Potter and obsessing over The Jonas Brothers, Tavi, who has one of the best Bieber 'dos we've seen yet (no one does those swooping man bangs quite like him) was busy working on her fashion blog, Style Rookie. Pause: 11-year-olds are idiots! Who the hell would take fashion cues from a little pre-adolescent twerp? Apparently lots of people, since the blog is now one of the most read fashion websites around.

    Young Tavi decided putting outfits on Barbies was not for her, and took playing dress up to a whole new level. Her blog includes photos of her in various outfits she puts together. Yes, they're definitely sophisticated and have a high-fashion sensibility but often border on looks you'd find on the Fashion Crimes pages of magazines. She poses in front of her house and neighborhood backdrops, and takes photos of her styling on her own with a tripod and timer. And they're kind of good. Like fashion editorial good. She even skipped the "take-pictures-in-the-mirror" and the "facebook/MySpace angles."

    Tavi GevinsonTavi Gevinson [Photos via]

    Tavi's blog of looks has garnered the attention of the fashion industry and made her one of the most sought-after trendsetters and style gurus of late. Her ensembles are indeed more "fashiony" than what your garden variety 20-something Vogue reader would sport. But is this just a case of an 11-year-old getting creative playing dress up by putting strange outfits together, or does she really "get it"? Is this actually avant-garde?

    Tavi GevinsonTavi Gevinson [Photos via]

    The fashion world seems to think so, giving her front row seats at Rodarte and Marc Jacobs runway shows in September 2009 at age 13. Now there's a great way to piss off long-time industry professionals! Um, so like, did she get a booster seat or something put on the chair so she could see over the runway? Oh, how chic! We kid... not really. Get ready for Miss Thang to show you all up at L.A. Fashion Week...

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