She may be used to "shaking it up" on stage, but 17-year-old Zendaya Coleman (or simply, in a Madonna-esque way, Zendaya) has recently taken on a much more fickle beast—the world of fashion. If Miley and Selena Gomez are any indication, Disney darlings can do very well with the big designers as they mature into more lucrative careers and high-fashion Hollywood style, sitting front row at Fashion Week alongside the likes of editorial royalty and certified A-Listers. But with her legions of young fans (her Twitter following is currently over 4 million), the multifaceted starlet is turning into quite the A-Lister herself, having set her stylish sights on everything from theater and dance to music and movies. All that and she even found time to publish a book. And people say teenagers these days are lazy! Click through to meet Zendaya, since it's more than likely you'll be seeing her at a star-studded event near you.