GofG L.A.'s Best Of Summer 2012: Nightlife Openings

by Emily Green · August 31, 2012

    Keeping up with the fast-paced merry-go-round cycle of L.A.'s fickle nightlife landscape is a duty we take full responsibility for so that you don't have to. Just staying current on the whole Paul & Andre/Smoke & Mirrors arrivals, soft openings, relocations, and abrupt closures saga was in itself as exhausting as watching an episode of "The Newsroom." From the beach to the middle of Hollywood, here's a look at the openings of summer's most noteworthy new nightlife destinations:

    Getting Wild On A School Night At The Grand Opening of SBE's Blok

    Burlesque, B-Boys & Puppets: A Peek Inside David Arquette's New Bootsy Bellows Nightclub

    "Best $2k I Ever Spent" Wolfgang Gartner Spins The Grand Opening of Lure Hollywood

    The Faces of Delight At Nightlife's Arrival On The Westside With Brent Bolthouse's The Bungalow