Japanese Tsunami Waves Hit L.A. Coast, May Help Clear Redondo's Dead Fish

by guestofaguest · March 11, 2011

    L.A. is urged to avoid the beaches today as a precaution as smaller waves from the massive Japanese tsunami are hitting the SoCal coast. No damage is expected but Redondo Beach is hoping the natural disaster offshoot could help with that nasty fish situation. [Photo by Don Bartletti for LATimes via]

    Japan's disastrous earthquake caused a massive tsunami that's rippling through the Pacific all the way to the California coastline. The waves are not threatening L.A. but officials want to play it safe and us stay away from the beaches today. However, they might be big enough to help that fishy mess in Redondo's King Harbor.

    Earlier this week, millions of fish filled the harbor and died due to their over-abundance in the body of water that resulted in a dramatic loss of oxygen. The fish kill left a scene in the harbor like something out of a horror film, an infinite mass of belly-up sardines lining its surface, plus a huge cleanup project to remove them. But crews that have been working all week on the fish cleanup are hoping to catch a break from mother nature. L.A. NOW reports that Marina officials are anticipating the tsunami might actually be their savior in the process with the waves sucking the fish out from the harbor. They still have lots to clear out before that situation, not to mention odor, is handled, so godspeed.