Mulholland Drive Reopens, Now Deer Have To Share It Again

by Emily Green · April 2, 2010

    After months of being closed off between Laurel and Coldwater Canyon, L.A.'s famous winding cliffside street finally reopened today.The portion of Mulholland had been closed due to damage from a February storm - just one of the many during the mercilessly rainy winter we experienced. For the time the road was closed, the deer (who just love to hang out in the middle of it at night and don't give a shit when cars approach honking and flashing their brights, finally coming to a complete stop until they feel like moving) had it all to themselves. Guess what, deer? We're back so step aside!

    The reopening of the road should come as a relief to anyone who commutes either way over the hill, as it will definitely take some of the heat off of the alternate routes people had to take during it's closure. But who are we kidding... traffic is still going to be a royal bitch.

    [Photo via My360]