[This post is the result of the combined efforts of Alex and Emily who burnt the midnight oil brainstorming and bitching, together.]

Although we like to pretend that New Year's Resolutions are actually positive and hopeful, when you think about it, they really just force you to dwell on what you hate about yourself: your looks, your job, your life. So this New Year's, instead of beating ourselves up over stupid perfectionist resolutions, let's direct our loathing towards the awfulness that surrounds us every day, be it in advertising, pop culture, news, or modern life. ["Besides, introspection is for bitches."-Emily] With that, here are 10 things that reared their ugly heads this year we hope that 2012 will wipe from the face of the Earth, bringing us fresh choices which, while inevitably just as horrid, will at least be mercifully different.

-♥ Alex

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