Take Your Top Off In Venice This Weekend!

by Emily Green · August 20, 2010

    [Photo via] On Sunday, a parade of topless ladies (and men who are there to "show their support") will march down Venice Boardwalk to fight for their equal right to go shirtless. GoTopless, the organization "committed to helping women perceive their breasts as noble parts of their anatomy" will be arranging similar marches in other cities around the country on Sunday, the 22nd, in honor of the anniversary of women's suffrage.

    Boobies by the thousands will invade the boardwalk, and so can yours for the cause. The protest will meet at 2pm on the boardwalk at Navy St. and head towards Windward circle where it will be followed by speeches and entertainment starting at 3:30pm.  Guys, if you decide to join the titty brigade this weekend, we suggest you cover yours, as men are encouraged to wear bikini tops to help point out the double standard that is currently in place. And to everyone else who just wants a free show of the mass of bouncing nips, enjoy!