D.C.'s Non-State State Fair

by NIKKI BOGOPOLSKAYA · August 20, 2010

    D.C may not (technically) be a state, but we hear the The D.C State Fair is coming to town. The first ever D.C State Fair will be sponsored by Kelly Ann CollinsGlittarazzi, and we’re sure that the young, young at heart, and all who love loud music, fried food, and good, old-fashioned fun  will be frolicking to Columbia Heights next Saturday, August 28, to partake.

    The State Fair has conveniently lined up its timing with the annual Columbia Heights Day and will pair quirky events such as a “Cupcake Eating Contest” and “The Funniest Looking Vegetable Awards,” with Columbia Heights Day’s extensive music line-up to entertain children, hipsters, and sorority girls alike.

    The best part? The New King & Queen of Columbia Heights competition. Homecoming court for adults?  Sign us up. Contestants will be judged by “their knowledge of Columbia Heights trivia, DC spelling bee skills, special Talent & Fashion sense (come dressed to impress!), and overall likability.” For some reason, we envision plaid-clad patrons in Ray Ban wayfarers vying for the prize…but we’ll certainly see for ourselves when we spend next Saturday up on 11 & Kenyon!

    Here are some of our homecoming faves, compliments of the internet: