WeHo's New Sheriff Is Out And Proud

by TIFFANY ETESSAMI · May 14, 2010

    West Hollywood is buzzing with news that there's a new sheriff in town. Literally. For the first time, a lesbian has taken the reins for the WeHo district. Our only question is... what took so long?!


    When it was announced that Kelly Fraser would be the next sheriff, there was no mention of her sexual orientation. It wasn't until she stood in front of the City Council with her family that it became clear. Fraser said that she never questioned or doubted who she was.

    For a city whose portion of Santa Monica Blvd. (which happens to be the cleanest) is lined with rainbow flags, gay bars and gyms, we're surprised this hadn't happened sooner. Even the police cars have little rainbow graphics on them. So what does this mean for the gayest town in L.A.? Only good things, we hope! Even more support and rights. As society becomes more progressive, the world, at least this really gay corner of it, becomes a better place. (No thanks to people like Newsweek's Ramin Setoodeh, though!)

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