The Dodger's Secret Russian Mystic

by Emily Green · June 10, 2010

    The L.A. Times has dropped the official WTF bomb of the week, revealing that a 71-year-old Russian mystic has been on the Dodger's payroll for the last five years to "think blue" and will the success of the team.  Yeah, like Rasputin...

    In the time Vladimir Shpunt has worked for the Dodgers, he has only been to one game and watches the games at home on TV. Homeboy doesn't even live in L.A.  And he knows almost nothing about baseball. But the McCourts have been shelling out for his "V energy" for years, apparently believing that he could channel Dodger victories through his thoughts.  A lawyer for Jamie McCourt, who is currenting involved in a bitter divorce with soon-to-be ex-husband, Frank, says the mystic gets a stipend and a bonus of "certainly six figures and even higher" if the Dodgers won the National League West title and how far they got in the playoffs.

    Who knew you could buy your own wizard? Oh, excuse me, Shpunt wants to make sure we know that he is not a magician, but a scientist/healer.  Rent-a-mystic can calm down, it doesn't even matter because the thing is, if the McCourts hired this modern-day Rasputin character to pull Dodger wins via magic, they're insane, and if they hired him to will the wins via science, they're insane.

    [Photo via LAtaco]