Los Angeles may not be the most fashion forward city in the world (I mean, people still wear Juicy sweats and Uggs in July here), but the chic shopping landscape is about to change thanks to the influx of international brands that are are making their way out west and staking out L.A. storefront territory, and we are très excited. A heartfelt thanks to Paris for sending over some of your best boutiques, including Isabel Marant, and what's this we hear about Sandro and The Kooples? London is also spreading its wings with the long overdue Topshop landing in The Grove this fall, as well as Japan's Uniqlo, plus some other exciting ones we've heard whispers about. So without further ado, here's a roundup of the best boutiques and fashion outposts we know for sure will soon open the doors of their new L.A. digs, as well as some unconfirmed speculated arrivals we may soon be able to look forward to shopping at in the near future.

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