Avocado Toast Ice Cream Is Now A Thing

by Christie Grimm · October 31, 2017

    Just when you think there's nothing to get excited about, that the well of creativity has dried and everything new is just something old repackaged - alas, a sign of hope!

    At the sugary sweet brain trust that is Dominique Ansel Bakery, something is afoot. Avocado Toast Ice Cream.

    A blend of avocado and olive oil ice cream with ricotta mascarpone ice cream, is sat atop a "slice" of shortbread. To top off the savory snack, there is the mandatory drizzling of olive oil, sprinkling of sea salt and, for a faux spicy red flaked finish, pieces of dragon fruit and freeze dried raspberries.

    Available at their LA location, which is set to open November 10th, this puppy's likely going to cause quite the scene. Hence, we'd suggest getting there a bit earlier than when the doors open at 9AM. 

    Like, Avocado Toast Ice Cream in Los Angeles? There's obviously going to be a line.

    [Photo via @dominiqueansel]