Today Is National Weed Day, Happy 4/20

by Emily Green · April 20, 2010

    Happy 420 everyone! Have you worked out your plans for the holidaze? Some of you may have a head-start in observing this special day with that lingering Coachella buzz.  If you haven't decided what you're going to do to celebrate yet, there is 420 party happening at the Normandie Hotel on Normandie and 6th in K-town where stoners are more than welcome.  With ambitions of making it the first weed-friendly hotel in the country, the hotel's owners picked the perfect day to kick-off the initiative.

    So what exactly is "420" anyway? Myths and rumors of its origins and significance abound.  The one that seems to have prevailed is 420 is the police code for Marijuana Smoking in Progress.

    But the REAL story behind 420 comes from the San Rafael, CA in the 70s, where a group of five high school dudes known as the "Waldos" coined the term.  4:20 pm was the designated time of their smoking sessions, so they used "420" as a code for smoking weed, which enabled them to discuss it openly in front of teachers.

    Well, cat's out of the bag now and we can all enjoy the 420 festivities.

    [photo via VCS]