James Franco Will Sing At His Secret New Bar At His Private Oscar After Party

by Emily Green · February 1, 2011

    James FrancoHey you guys, did you know James Franco is better looking, more talented, and more ambitious than the rest of us? Oh you did? Well did you know he's also more spontaneous? Yup, he's just the ultimate! In between giving Oscar-nominated performances, MFA studies, throwing phones, and hosting this year's Oscars, he's also opening a secret new L.A. bar (but we know where it is!) where he'll sing for guests at his super exclusive Oscar "after-after-after-after party."

    Franco dropped some not so subtle hints about his new business venture and the after party he's planning for its opening night during an interview with Canadian show etalk at the Santa Barbara Film Festival:

    "I'm a partner in a bar that's opening up, and the after-after-after-after-party is going to be at my new bar. It's at a secret location. And that's what I'm looking forward to because I'm going to be singing there at the bar. I'll be singing at the Oscars, but there will be a private performance at my new bar. It's called the Writer's Room."

    Franco's mysterious new bar would be the best kept secret in town if it actually was one, but it's not. As Eater reported last week, The Writer's Room is local mixologist Daniel Nelson's new spot opening behind the latest Hollywood Blvd tragedy nightclub, supperclub. The bar's space is the back room of the former Vogue Theatre that opened as the nightclub a few months ago, but the the two will be unassociated and have separate entrances, so hopefully supperclub runoff won't be too much of an issue for The Writer's Room.

    Eater indicated the bar would make its debut during Oscar week, and Franco's revelation pins it to the actual night of the big show. But don't get too excited, because Franco has made it clear this will be a tight, VIP event:

    "It's in L.A. That's all I can say because I can't fit everybody. Everybody at the Governors Ball will not fit into my new bar, but it'll be going down."

    Got it? There's no room for you. As for the singing, it's uncertain as to whether Franco plans to give encore performances of his song about assholes or some karaoke in drag but one can only hope. Either way, he's going to be extra full of himself the night of big Oscar hosting gig (and maybe a win?) AND the debut of his bar, so you know it's going to be a really shameless and stellar performance.

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