We're so proud of you all for staying strong through award season; trust me, we're feeling your pain and  know it's not easy. But just think of it this way: last night's 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards means we're one event closer to the end of the season of Hollywood's drawn-out ceremonious patting of itself on the back. One of the best ways I've found to cope with this time of year is by focusing on the part I actually give toss about, which is what everyone wore. So, come with me as we take a gander at my picks for best and worst looks from the red carpet at the 2012 SAG Awards last night.

Just to be clear, you won't find Brad, Angelina, or Stacy Keibler in this fashion roundup since I felt their style choices last night were not particularly noteworthy in either way, and this is about the knock-out and most tragic looks of the evening.

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