Drink To Your Favorite Oscar Movie!

by Chiara Atik · February 25, 2010

    As usual, The Standard and The London West Hollywood have come out with their yearly versions of "Oscar Drinks", inspired by this year's Oscar front-runners. Cause admit it. You've been dying to taste an "Avatar".-

    If you swing by The London West Hollywood, you can be the first to try A Tribute To Butter (inspired by Julie and Julia, of course), which is a Hot Buttered Rum mixed with apples, amaretto, and, yes, butter. Butter is a pretty fitting tribute to the French Cuisine flick, but we would love to see the mixologists try to come up with a refreshing alcoholic version of boeuf bourguignon...

    The London West Hollywood is also featuring Pandora Punch for Avatar (mainly cause it's blue), The Black German for Inglorious Basters (Jagermeister and Mountain Dew Black Soda, lol), and "Nine Into One", a cocktail with Nine ingredients (can you guess which movie?)

    The Standard is also offering up a choice selection of drinks at a cheaper price ($12 to The London's $16). The Mile High Club, a mix of Kahlua and Patron Coffee, is sure to get you Up In The Air, and the Ford Pickup is basically just a Tom Collins with gin for all the Single Men (man) out there.

    Interestingly, no one has made a drink for "Precious" (quarter water with vodka?) "The Blind Side" (Long Island Ice Teas will leave you pretty blind sided..) or "An Education" (An Old Fashioned, of course!)