"Love Story" Is Back In Theaters For 2 Nights Only And I'm Already Sobbing

by Christie Grimm · February 6, 2020

    God, grant me the serenity to accept the ending to this film, which I cannot change, though I so desperately wish that I could.

    Now I totally realize that there's a big chance you've never seen the movie Love Story. Not everyone grew up obsessively watching Turner Classic Movies like I did, and while I do not believe that that is okay, I do accept that that is a truth in this world. Even if you haven't seen this canonical classic, I'm not going to sugar coat it for you - this movie is going to break your heart. The music in this movie alone is going to send you into an emotional spiral. 

    While in one sense, Love Story is totally a slideshow of Pinterest Boards waiting to be made featuring Ali MacGraw in a series of camel coats with expertly popped collars and collegiate scarves effortlessly styled, it is also the biggest reality slap in the face. And before I say too much about the movie that I've basically already ruined for you, but that you should have seen a million times by now, so I don't feel sorry about in the least...

    For two days only - February 9th and 12th - Turner Classic Movies is bringing Love Story back to select theaters. And if my passive aggressive article has not convinced you that you need to get your ticket right now, I leave you with this adorable clip of Ryan O’Neal throwing himself in the snow like an adorable fool. Because her outfits may be amazing, but his face is so so good.

    [Photos via Love Story]