After creating countless fake Hulu accounts to rewatch the entire series via free trials of HBO (over and over again) and catching the first movie on E! at least a dozen times, I recently came across my least favorite installation of the Carrie saga on Netflix: Sex and the City 2, the one where they go to Abu Dhabi.

I have watched this movie once, and only once - when I saw it in theaters with (horrifically) my mother, in 2010. I don't know what, exactly, rubbed me the wrong way - was it the awkwardness of watching Samantha f*cking on the big screen, wedged between my mom and my little sister? Was it the memory of wishing the movie would end already? Was it the vaguely Islamophobic story line? Always one to delve deeper into the important things in life, I decided to find out. After ten years of avoiding it, I settled in to watch Sex and the City 2 once again. 

Turns out all of the aforementioned reasons were partly to blame, but none more so than the obvious: this movie is completely and utterly ridiculous. Ahead, I've highlighted the moments that prove it.

[Photos via Sex and the City 2]