Our Thoughts On The 2011 Oscars And Razzies Noms

by Zoe Brunn · January 26, 2011

    The nominations for both The Oscars and The Razzies are out this week which means it's time to start placing bets (if you care enough). We kind of do, so here's our two cents on some of the chosen cinematic flops and successes of 2011.

    The Oscar Nominations for Best Picture

    Black Swan We're all about sexual thrillers, especially when Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis are involved. Despite the fact that it was hard to watch, the Oscar nod is warranted, but a win would not be.

    Inception Seeing as this movie is Shutter Island and The Matrix mixed together, it is not best picture worthy! Definitely deserves some type of technical award, maybe it will snag a win for its music.

    The King's Speech There's a reason this film racked up the most Oscar noms, it's beyond incredible! We're rooting for The King's Speech to pull out a win for best picture.

    The Social Network Seems like The Social Network is the only film in the way of The King's Speech winning best picture. The critically acclaimed film has already bagged almost every award it's been nominated for, and might be a shoe-in.

    Toy Story 3 Wow, really? This is surprising. We love Toy Story as much as the next guy, but best picture?

    True Grit Here's another film we'd be happy to see win; it brought the western back, and stayed true to the classic American genre. True Grit did everything right, and although it made Matt Damon annoying and unattractive for the first time in his life, we'd approve this one for best picture.

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    The Oscar Nominations for Best Actress

    Nicole Kidman Ugh, enough with Nicole Kidman already. We're bored.

    Natalie Portman We've known some cray cray ballet dancers and she totally nailed it in Black Swan. Her place on the list of noms is undeniably well-deserved and we'd be happy to see her take home the win.

    Michelle Williams Anything seems amazing when Ryan Gosling is on the screen. But seriously, We'd applaud her if she won best actress, she stepped up as an actress in Blue Valentine, but who wouldn't if they were Ryan Gosling's love interest?

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    The Oscar Nominations for Best Actor

    Jeff Bridges There is no denying Jess Bridges is an OG in the acting world; he totally killed it as an alcoholic U.S Marshal in True Grit. He definitely earned his spot on this list, but since he got the win for Crazy Heart last year, we'd like to see someone else take home a little golden man...

    Colin Firth GIVE THIS MAN AN OSCAR! Talk about genius. His performance in The King's Speech was nothing short of incredible. He deserves it, and he would look really good holding an Oscar.

    Jesse Eisenberg We have a feeling that Eisenberg might take this award home, film critics have been drooling over his performance as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network since it came out. And there's no doubt he did a fantastic job, but did anyone else notice it was pretty much the same character he played in 2005's The Squid and the Whale? We hope Colin Firth's speech impediment stands in the way...

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    Razzie Nominations For Worst Picture

    The Bounty Hunter The Last Airbender Vampires Suck Sex And The City 2 Twilight Saga: Eclipse

    All equally horrible and deserving of their own Razzie, but we think Sex And The City 2 takes the cake. Not only was it the most unnecessary movie ever made, it ruined an entire television series for all the women who watched it. Whoever airbrushed the movie poster, however, deserves some kind of photo editing award.

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    Razzie Nominations For Worst Actress

    Miley Cyrus The Last Song was quite the joke, and so was Cyrus' performance, but what did you expect? Hannah Montana isn't exactly the drama of the ages.

    Kristen Stewart It seems like Stewart is almost asking for a Razzie when she steps in front of the camera, and she's got our vote. Her shockingly bad acting in Twilight deserves the Razzie for worst actress.

    The Four "Gal Pals" From SATC 2 They already lost their acting credit and dignity after doing this movie, no need to rub it in with a Razzie.

    Megan Fox You can give this girl a Razzie, but it wouldn't matter. She's too hot to be affected by underachievement awards.

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    Razzie Nominations For Worst Actor

    Gerard Butler This Razzie nomination isn't fair, with The Bounty Hunter's plot, he didn't stand a chance. I mean, who could be a good actor in that movie? Sometimes it's not the actor's fault, it's the script writer's!

    Ashton Kutcher When has Ashton Kutcher ever been a good actor...? It's not exactly breaking news that he sucks and is forever relegated to cheesy rom-coms we refuse to acknowledge.

    Taylor Lautner We vote Lautner for the worst actor in hopes of seeing millions of teen girls protesting and biting each other in complete outrage.

    Robert Pattinson Although his acting in Twilight is pretty lame, but we don't think he should be Razzied immediately! So he's not a convincing vampire in a teen fantasy franchise, so what? Looks like he might redeem himself in his upcoming flick, Water For Elephants. If not, there's always next year to reward his sad acting!

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