New Low: Barefoot In Public. Need We Say More?

by Morgan Stewart · March 31, 2011

    ATTENTION LADIES AND LADIES!: What is going on?! Are you a rude monkey? A neanderthal? Who informed any of you that this type of behavior is at all acceptable? Just kicking off the shoes are we? Is that pavement you're standing on (we pray it's not) or just the filthy floor of the Troubadour rock stars from last FIVE decades have defecated upon?

    Once again I assure you, this is NOT a good look. I mean unless you're trying to pull a Britney circa 2007 let's keep the shoes ON! If this chick attempted to throw a hello in my direction SANS shoes in or just outside of a concert venue, it would quickly be returned with a GOODBYE. If you can't hack the height of your heels, it would be a wise choice NOT to buy them because you're just teeing yourself up for this caliber of embarrassment. Just some friendly advice to prevent you from looking like the walking shame of the entire trailer park on your next nightly outing.

    Send Us Your New Lows! (...Or Highs)

    Have you experienced or bore witness to a new low in L.A. nightlife?  Did you see someone pick a cigarette up off the nightclub's bathroom floor and put it back in their mouth? Was there a particularly unpleasant encounter with the doorman at a bar? Tell us! We want your stories from last night. Send us your New Lows (or New Highs) to

    [Photo via the The Cobrasnake]