New Low: Being This Status At MyStudio On Saturday Night

by Emily Green · November 8, 2010

    "This Status" Checklist:

    -Hollywood club on a Saturday? Check.

    -Hot pink satin? Check.

    -Rhinestone hoop earrings? Check.

    -Jack Daniels poured straight from the bottle into the mouth? Check.

    -While a guy in standard in a douchefit (fedora and True Religion jeans) grinds up against from behind? CHECK!

    If you were at MyStudio on Saturday night, or pretty much any other club in Hollywood for that matter, you needn't look beyond the table next to you to witness an array of the above items on our checklist. Places like MyStudio are fraught with unfortunate victims of L.A. nightlife who don't know any better than to get trashy on Saturday nights. As the unofficial amateur night, most locals and people who have any interest in preserving their dignity know it's best to stay in unless there's a particular event or party. It's a slippery slope once you're out, since in order to withstand the behavior surrounding you, the answer is often to get to the same level of hammered. And then the only difference between you and the girl you made fun of when you walked in is a pink satin dress and prom curls.

    Normally any one, or few of the items on our "This Status" checklist together is fairly routine, but girlfriend here has outdone herself.  Maybe we just need to come out to these weekly shitshows more often, but seeing her hit each of the items with flying colors was pretty remarkable.

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