Inside Virgin America Flight 404's 16 Hour Nightmare. LAX To NYC

by Rachelle Hruska · March 16, 2010

    [via NYPost] YIKES! Talk about something I do NOT want to talk about: getting stranded on a flight from LAX to NYC. It's seriously one of my most paralyzing fears. Unfortunately, it happens. And, because of a little thing called mobile technology, we get to relive the 16 hr nightmare of one Virgin American flight.

    Before finally arriving at their destination, the starving passengers of jinxed Virgin America Flight 404 had been stranded on a tarmac for seven hours and forced to ride a bus for another 2½ hours.

    At one point, food supplies aboard the plane were so low that Pringles chips had to be rationed: four chips apiece, furious passengers told The Post.

    "That's all we got -- four chips and half a cup of water," said disgusted flier Justin Gordon, 23.

    JetBlue came in to save the day. Not exactly the ending Virgin was hoping for I imagine. Another surprise, this YouTube video of the crew treating the cabin like shit which has received over 4,000 views so far: