Anjelica Huston's Venice "Fortress" Hits The Market

by Emily Green · May 14, 2010

    [photo via Curbed] No, this is not a warehouse. It's actually Anjelica Huston's home in Venice.  The iconic actress just listed it for a handsome $18 mil.  Known as "the fortress" after Huston referred to it as such in an interview with V Magazine, the home is very large and you can see has a stark, unassuming facade on Windard Ave. It was built by her late husband, sculptor Robert Graham and is actually two distinct buildings, one a studio and the other a home.

    Huston says the house was intended to be somewhat of a fortress since it was built during the L.A. riots.  Mission accomplished.  Would you ever have guessed that this sort of place is home sweet home for Hollywood royalty? Despite it's exterior, the home is said to be much more comfortable and inviting inside. Since it sits practically on Venice Boardwalk it's kind of fun to think about Anjelica Huston amid all the surfer dudes and riff raff right in front of her home every day.  Wonder if the skaters and beach bums ever help her with groceries...

    [Photos via StudioVass]