Of Course Cara Delevingne's L.A. Mansion Is A Trippy, Maximalist Wonderland

by Stephanie Maida · June 22, 2021

    Socialite, supermodel, and all-around It Girl Cara Delevingne changed the game when she first stepped onto the scene with her bold style and even bolder brows. So it's really no surprise that when it comes to interior design, her tastes are equally as splashy - in like, a totally chic, Alice in Wonderland visits the Playboy Mansion kind of way. 

    Gucci wallpaper, a David Bowie-themed bathroom, and a secret door that leads to... a vagina tunnel? Eclectic doesn't even begin to describe the model's sprawling L.A. mansion, which she recently showed off in tour with Architectural Digest.

    Let's just say MTV Cribs has got nothing on Cara's over-the-top abode, which, she says, is "so big" that she actually needs a Razor scooter to get around. 

    Oh, and did we mention the ball pit?

    Come on, you can't tell me this place wasn't literally made for acid trips.

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