Mischa Barton Must Be On Something If She Thinks She Can Sell Her House For That Much

by Emily Green · June 11, 2010

    Mischa Barton just relisted her large Mediterranean-style Beverly Hills post office home to the tune of $8.695 million. She must be high because it's the same one she put on the market for $8.395 million back in March and then pulled when no one was biting. Since attributing this to stupidity would entail a redefinition of the term, a controlled substance is the only logical explanation for her thinking she could get a buyer this time around by listing the house for $300k more three months later.  Even someone who knows nothing about real estate would find that strategy totally unsound.

    The interior of the way overpriced digs is none too attractive, and you would never think it's where a 20-something starlet calls home.  Evidently Mischa had a luxury nursing home interior design specialist handle the decor. Seriously, look at that living room! Those satin couch covers with the tassels... oy! Like what is that?! Not only is that room particularly geriatric, but it's just ugly. No, it's oogly.

    Hopefully Mischa isn't in any hurry to sell the home because it ain't gonna happen with that asking price. Between her professional and personal choices, and now her approach to real estate, it's as if Mischa is committed to doing exactly the opposite of what would be in her best interest, or even has a modicum of sense behind it.  But we wish her all the best on her adventures in tragic oblivion and perpetual missteps.

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