Because March Is The New July: 16 Beachside Bars & Restaurants To Hit This Weekend

by guestofaguest · March 14, 2014

    [Photos via, via] Apparently March is the new July for L.A. Mother Nature is generously granting us another spell of 85+ degree days just in time for the weekend. We suggest you soak it up by heading for the coast and have you covered with this guide to L.A.'s 16 best places to eat and drink by the beach. Whether you choose to actually step foot on the sand or prefer to admire it from afar, just get close enough to the gloriously picturesque stretch of SoCal beach to appreciate it over food and drinks, and don't forget to Instagram it for all your friends on the east coast.

    8 Of L.A.'s Best Beachside Bars & Restaurants

    8 More Of L.A.'s Best Beachside Bars & Restaurants