Go-To Diner, Cafe 101

by Emily Green · March 30, 2010

    Cafe 101

    This is Cafe 101, one of the best diners and late night gruberias in town.  It's conveniently located on Franklin Ave. on the border of Hollywood and Los Feliz, right by eponymous freeway entrances and exits. But most of the people who frequent the spot are local hipsters. So that's exactly who you'll find here sprawled out on the booths getting some food to absorb the alcohol after a long night of drinking in their skinny jeans and grandpa sweaters.

    The whole design of the place is modeled after diners of the 1960s and 70s which is a nice departure from the typical 50's-inspired diners with mini jukeboxes and sassy waitresses.

    I recommend getting breakfast regardless of the time of day.  Is it not a fact that breakfast is always better at night?

    [Photo via tumblr]